Faculty and Staff

Appalachian Geology faculty have conducted research on every continent, from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the ocean, and have a wide range of interests and expertise.  Our faculty include four Fellows of the Geological Society of America, three Fellows of the Explorers Club, two National Geographic Explorers, five Board of Governors Teaching Award winners, and have won a number of other university-wide, local, and regional teaching/leadership/service awards. All of the geology faculty teach introductory courses, as well as courses for majors and minors, so majors may begin work with senior faculty early in their career.

Their research interests and contact information are given below.


Name Position Contact
Dr. William P. Anderson Jr.
Professor and Chair: Hydrogeology
Dr. William H. Armstrong
Assistant Professor: Glaciology
Dr. Sarah K. Carmichael
Professor: Fluid-Rock Geochemistry and Biomineralogy
Dr. Gabriele M. Casale
Associate Professor: Structural Geology
Dr. Ellen A. Cowan
Professor: Sedimentary record of climate change, Geoarchaeology, Geomorphology
Dr. Cole Edwards
Assistant Professor: Carbonate Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Dr. Sarah G. Evans
Assistant Professor: Hydrogeology
Dr. Steven J. Hageman
Professor: Invertebrate Paleontology, Paleoecology
Dr. Andrew B. Heckert
Professor: Vertebrate Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Litho/Biostratigraphy
Dr. Jamie S. Levine
Associate Professor: Structure, Tectonics, and Metamorphic Petrology
Dr. Cynthia M. Liutkus-Pierce
Professor and Director of the Environmental Science Program: Sedimentology and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Laura Mallard
Senior Lecturer: Geoscience Education
Dr. Scott T. Marshall
Professor: Geophysics, Satellite Geodesy, and Fracture Mechanics
Joey Mosteller
Lecturer: Physical and Environmental Geology
Dr. Hannah Riegel
Visiting Assistant Professor: Field Methods
Dr. Bob Swarthout
Affiliated Environmental Science Faculty (Department of Chemistry)
Dr. Lauren H. Waterworth
Senior Lecturer: Environmental Law
Brian W. Zimmer
Senior Lecturer: Volcanology

Adjunct Faculty

Name Position Contact
Dr. Denise Akob
Adjunct - Research Microbiologist, USGS
Dr. Gregg H. Marland
Adjunct - ASU, RIEEE
Dr. Arthur Merschat
Adjunct - USGS
Dr. William Miller
Adjunct - Professor of Geology: Humboldt State University
Dr. Cara Santelli
Adjunct - Assistant Professor: University of Minnesota
Keith C. Seramur
Adjunct - ASU


Name Position Contact
Anthony Love
Research Operations and Laboratories Manager
Lauri J. Miller
Office Manager
Marta Toran
Outreach Coordinator

Emeritus Faculty & Staff

Name Position Contact
Richard N. Abbott Jr.
Emeritus Professor: Metamorphic Petrology and Mineralogy
John E. Callahan
Emeritus Professor: Economic Geology
Marjorie J. McKinney
Emeritus Museum Curator
Loren A. Raymond
Emeritus Professor: Petrotectonics
Johnny A. Waters
Emeritus Professor: Invertebrate Paleontology
Fred Webb Jr.
Emeritus Professor: Sedimentology