Open Faculty/Administrative Positions in the Department

Open Postings: We are seeking a field camp director!

We seek a geoscientist with undergraduate geology teaching experience to lead the teaching of a 6-week summer field camp, as well as teaching other geoscience lecture and lab courses during the fall and spring semesters initially on a 1-year contact, with the potential for multi-year renewal. The candidate must have a M.Sc. or higher degree in geology or a related field at the time of appointment and must possess a strong commitment to undergraduate education. This is a full time, non-tenure track position with an 11 month contract.

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About the GES Department

The Appalachian State University Geological and Environmental Sciences (AGES) Department provides students with a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in the geosciences and environmental sciences. 

We are the largest undergraduate geosciences department in the UNC system, and we have been successful in establishing a program that is arguably among the best Bachelor degree programs in earth and environmental sciences available in the southeastern United States.

At AGES, we offer the following degree programs and concentrations (click here for more detailed information on each one):

  • Environmental Science (BS) 
    • Life Science concentration (to be discontinued in Fall 2024)
    • Earth System Science concentration
    • Quantitative Environmental Science concentration (coming in Fall 2024)
    • Natural Resources concentration (coming in Fall 2024)
  • Geology (BA) or (BS)
  • Geology (BS) - with concentration
    • Environmental Geology concentration
    • Paleontology concentration
    • Quantitative Geoscience concentration
    • Earth/Environmental Science Secondary Education concentration

Not sure what degree you should pursue to get training for your specific career goals? Go check out our What should I major in? page. Students (and parents) often have significant misconceptions about what our degree programs actually entail and what kind of training they provide.  The information on the "What should I major in?" table will help you decide if a degree in Geology, a degree in Environmental Science, or a degree in another program is the right major for you!

See our Get Involved! page for opportunities for AGES students in research, outreach, and teaching.

What should I major in?

Many students come into our program a bit confused as to what the geosciences and environmental sciences actually are.

  • "What's the difference between environmental studies and environmental science?"
  • "Isn't geology just about rocks?" (no!)
  • "What is better for the job I want? A geology degree or an environmental science degree?"

Our What should I major in? page will help guide you to the degree track that is right for you - either in this department or in a different department.

If you're not yet sure you want to major in Geology or Environmental Science, take one (or more) of our many General Education classes - learn about water resources, environmental cleanup, dinosaurs, oceanography, natural disasters, energy resources, fossils, and of course... rocks.  According to Slate, "Introductory Geology classes are the best science electives" and we certainly agree!

We study more than just rocks!

Geology is about more than just rocks.

Environmental Science is about more than just ecology, policy, or regulations.

What is Geology?

Our faculty have expertise in all fields of the Earth and Environmental sciences.

Click on our each of our research programs below to see what we do!


How does the earth move?


Tectonics Research Group:


What processes affect water supply and quality?

researchers in river

Hydrology and Environmental Geology Research Group:


What do fossils tell us?

bone microscopy image

Paleontology Research Group:


What do landforms tell us? How do humans influence landscapes?

Surface processes

Surface Processes Research Group


What do the minerals in rocks tell us? What is the role they play in the environment?

mineral microscopy image

Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry Research Group:


How is Earth's climate recorded in minerals, rocks, sediment, water, and ice? How has climate changed through time?

Records of Climate Change

Records of Climate Change Research Group:


What's so special about our department?

Ask A Geologist

You've got questions? We've got answers!  Ask A Geologist!

Did you find something that puzzled you in your backyard or on top of a mountain? Have questions about local environmental problems? Want to know about what's going on in Boone Creek, the Watauga River, and the New River? Concerned about fracking in your region? Do you have a mineral that you can't identify? Think you found a meteorite? We will do our best to answer any geological/environmental question. We also have pages that answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

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