How to Get Involved in aGES and find your community

Get Involved in GES

Wnat to meet people? Get involved with the Geological & Environmental Science Club ( GES club) . The studen-tled GES club enages in a wide variety of earth-related activities, from live staking for stream restoration to caving trips to rock-hounding.

In addition to clubs, there are many other ways for our students to get involved in the department, some on a volunteer-basis, others as paid positions. These are great opportunities for students to build up their CV, share their passion for earth and environmental science with others, engage in service learning, develop science communication skills and helping fellow students. Find out more by clicking on the categories below:

Connect with your broader community

Want to connect with people in your field outside of the department? The following organizations and social media cohorts can provide really supportive environments, networking opportunities, and additional resources for minoritized students.