Mighty Minerals

In the "Mighty Minerals" program, Gr. 3-5 students develop a greater understanding of minerals as building blocks of rocks and explore their properties.  Our resources are all free to use thanks to the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Appalachian State University. If you have questions about any of these resources, field trip opportunities or classroom visits please contact our Outreach Coordinator at mckinneymuseum@appstate.edu. If you would like to borrow rock or mineral samples for your classroom, check out our Loaner Kits.


"Crystal Clear" Activity

img_9101_0.jpgStudents look at samples of different crystals and note the variations in color and shape that one mineral can have  (eg. gypsum and quartz). Students then go beyond color and shape to differentiate between 4 different, unknown, colorless minerals (calcite, fluorite, quartz, gypsum).

mineral_frenzy_crossword_thumbnail.jpgMineral Frenzy Crossword

Your students can review their newly-acquired knowledge of minerals with this crossword puzzle. Also useful for students who have finish their work quickly, so they can continue learning and stay occupied while they wait for the others to finish.