Material Loans and Workshops

stemgiveawaysforteachers.pngRequesting Geological Materials from ASU GES:

If you are a faculty member at a higher education institution looking to borrow geological samples, please contact GES lab manager Anthony Love ( 

If you are a K12 or informal science educator looking for rock and fossil samples, please contact GES outreach coordinator Marta Toran ( 

Click here to browse our LOANER KITS.

Workshops and Meetings:

Members of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences organize educational workshops and meetings for students of all ages, teachers, and the general public. Please contact Marta Toran ( for any questions related to workshops for teachers. 

Upcoming events:

We will be offering two of our workshops at the NCSTA Fall2024 Professional Development Institute. Participants will receive a classroom tote of materials including physical samples and ideas for lesson plans. Formal and informal educators welcome.

  • Rockin' NC- This workshop focuses on geological resources found in North Carolina and aligns with 4th grade NC Science standards. Materials are appropriate for 4th-6th grade level.
  • Deep Time- This workshop is geared towards 8th grade NC Science standards around fossils and geologic time. High School earth and environmental science teachers might also find the fossil samples and ideas useful.