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vulcan_quarry_pic_small.jpgThe "Rockin' NC" educational materials were developed with the support of the Vulcan Materials Company Foundation. The learning modules are intended to provide formal and informal educators with ideas for teaching about the rock cycle in North Carolina and some important minerals in an engaging, interactive way. To see what's in a ROCKIN' NC CLASSROOM KIT, scroll down to the bottom of this page for an interactive photo. For information about upcoming Rockin' NC Teacher Workshops, visit the Material Loans and Workshops section.

We welcome feedback! The High Country Press featured an article about our collaboration with Vulcan Materials Company Foundation. Check it out to learn more

If you see anything that could be improved or want additional ideas for teaching a specific concept, please contact Marta Toran (

All digital resources can be freely downloaded, if you don't have the physical materials (e.g. rocks and minerals) to implement the activities, we have them available for loan or can put something together for your class. Just let us know!

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Rockin NC Digital Files:

  • See inside the Rockin NC kit - Scroll to the bottom of this page or click  on the link to "unbox" the Rockin' NC classroom kit for teaching about rocks and minerals of North Carolina (perfect for 4th or 6th Grade standards!)

  • Let's Take a Rock Trip (Google slides that can be used to take students on a virtual "rock trip" around NC stopping at sites with key rock formations. This slideshow can be used with the rock cycle activities/ handouts listed below). 
  • "Rock Cycle in NC" Student Trifold with Map -in color- (This trifold with blanks goes with the "Let's Take a Rock Trip" slides. Students look at six different rocks found in NC and how they fit into the rock cycle.)
  • "Rock Cycle in NC" Student Trifold with Map -in B&W- (Same trifold as above but in black and white, students can color in the three regions of NC and the key identifying them) 




  • "Are they made of Rock?" (Introductory activity that encourages students to think about everyday objects and whether they are made of rocks or rock derivatives. For ideas on how to carry out this activity, check the Mighty Minerals 5E lesson plan above.)
  • Lego Rocks (This worksheet goes with the Lego Rocks hands-on activity described in the Mighty Minerals 5E lesson plan which helps students understand minerals as the ingredients of rocks.)
  • Mineral FrenzyTeacher Instructions- In this activity, mineral tests are set up as four stations: Hardness, Cleavage and Fracture, Color and Luster, Streak. The teacher instructions describe how to set up the stations. 
  • Mineral Frenzy Student Handout- Students complete this package as they rotate through the Mineral Frenzy stations doing the mineral tests. 
  • Mineral Test Station Signs- These table signs can be laminated and used at each of the Mineral Frenzy stations. 
  • Mineral Crossword and Answers- Great for reviewing minerals in general, homework following Mineral Frenzy activity. Also useful to include with the Mineral Frenzy Student Handout so that groups that have finished their station can work on it while waiting to rotate. 
  • NC Rocks- Information pages about important rocks and geological resources in NC (Granite, Sandstone, Gneiss, Marble, Mudrock, Limestone, Gabbro, Schist, Crushed stone, Coal)
  • NC Minerals- Information pages  about NC minerals and other geological resources (Phosphate, Quartz, Feldspar, Mica, Olivine, Sand, Gemstones, Talc, Metal Ores)
  • NC Rocks and Minerals for K12 Website -Geared towards students and teachers, this website includes information from the two files above, gathered in a more visually-appealing format that students can easily access via the link It is still being populated so please bear with us!
  • In addition to the above resources, Vulcan has "Rock Buddies" available for teachers. These are plastic wagons full of mineral samples and the everyday objects that are made with them, as well as examples of safety gear. Teachers should contact their nearest Vulcan quarry for more information about checking the Rock Buddies out. Click here to see the contents of a typical "Rock Buddy" tote.


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