Evidence from the Past

Fossil Formation Stations

Four stations to introduce how fossils are formed in different ways, under a variety of conditions. The documents available include:

Early Earth Environments 


In this activity, students are given a series of photos depicting early Earth environments, as well as a small sack of assorted fossils. Their task is to place the fossil on top of the early Earth environment they think it belongs to. 

Geologist for a Day Crossword & Answer Key

This review crossword covers the three different types of rocks and some of the most common examples. Can also be used as a pre-assessment and completed as the new material is learned. Answer key is included.  

How Does Deep Time Measure Up?

In this activity, students use rulers with felt and velcro images as models for Deep Time. Each group places their images along the ruler based on when they think that organism evolved. They then lift the rulers up and compare their answers with those of other groups. They can go around the class discussing the placement of different organisms and what evidence do they have for placing them the way they did, practicing argumentation as they go. 

AppState Researchers

Check out some of the research some of our paleontologists at AppState are involved with.