Grades K-2

K-2 Group Visits:

A typical 1 hour visit includes a scavenger hunt and interactive activities around the museum, as well as a walk through the Fred Webb Jr. Rock Garden, both lead by Geology students.

During rainy visits, the rock garden will be substituted by other indoor exhibits such as the Rock Wall. It’s never too early to get kids excited about the wonders of the Earth and the McKinney Teaching Museum is a great place to bring elementary age students. In the museum they are able to explore minerals, fossils and how rocks form.

A 2 hour visit would also include a special session with a Geologist in one of the labs (based on availability). 

Please note that because the facilities are housed inside an academic building where classes are held throughout the day, our indoor space is limited. Contact our Outreach Coordinator at to book tours and discuss options based on the size of your group. 


K-2 Topics and Resources:

Visits of Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd Grade groups to the geological science facilities at AppState will be centered around standard-aligned topics and teacher requests. We also provide online resources for teachers to download, click on each topic below to access activities, handouts, ideas, etc: