Animals and Life Cycles

The "Animals and Life Cycles" outreach program includes K-2 activities related to animals, the habitats in which they are found, adaptations and life cycles. Lessons can be adapted based on teacher preference, size of audience and location of the program. 

The online materials are all free for you to use thanks to the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Appalachian State University.  For a guest speaker in your classrooom, visit of your group to campus or borrowing the "K2 Animal Tote" loaner box, please complete the GES outreach request form or send an email to


Erika Hernandez (Environmental Science '23) prepared this loaner kit for teachers to use, as part of her NC Environmental Educator journey. The box includes animal models and manipulatives that can be used for PreK- Grade 2 lessons related to natural history. For pictures of the contents, click above. Some examples of lessons you could use these materials with:

  • Animals that live in a NC woodland
  • Difference between birds and bats
  • Animal diets 
  • Birds of Western North Carolina
  • Comparing life cycles of different animals
  • Bugs- what's an insect and what isn't
  • How salamanders and lizards are different