Student Research - Peer Reviewed Papers, Theses, and Conference Presentations

Student Research - Peer Reviewed Papers, Theses, and Conference Presentations

Peer Reviewed Research

Some of our research students have the opportunity to become coauthors (or even lead authors) on peer reviewed research papers, which are the currency of academic research. Click here to see a list of peer reviewed research papers with student authors and co-authors.

Senior Thesis Presentations

Our senior thesis students are required to give a talk to the entire department on their findings. In the past this has been done in Rankin Science 293, but due to COVID-19 we began having these remotely in 2020. Videos of senior thesis presentations are here, and we anticipate that all future, in-person senior thesis presentations will have a remote option so that friends, family, and alumni can participate as well.


aGES research students are expected to present their research in a variety of conference settings. At a minimum, students present their work at the Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors (sponsored by Appalachian's Office of Student Research). But many students also present their work at regional, national, and international geoscience and environmental science conferences. 

Conferences where you can always find aGES students include:

  • the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (AGU)
  • the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting (GSA)
  • the southeastern section of the Geological Society of America meeting (SEGSA)
  • the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP)

Other conferences that our students sometimes attend include the following:

  • the North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC)
  • the VM Goldschmidt Conference
  • the International Geoscience Programme conference series
  • other field specific conferences

Virtual Conference Presentations

Historically, we have put our students' posters up on the walls of the aGES Department in Rankin Science after they have been presented. But due to COVID-19, many conferences in 2020 have been canceled or have gone virtual.  We have decided to host student conference materials on our website (regardless of whether the conference is virtual or in person) so that students can still show their work to the wider world. Our virtual conference offerings (so far) are as follows: