Student Thesis Presentations

Senior Thesis Presentations

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April 28, 2022

10:20 Isaac Pugh: 3D preservation and variation of Drepanosaur elements (Reptilia:Archosauromorpha) from the Upper Triassic Homestead site (Triassic:mid-Norian) of east-central New Mexico. Faculty mentor – Dr. Andrew Heckert

10:40 Savannah Devine: Mechanical Models of Active Faulting in the Transverse and Peninsular Ranges of Southern California. Faculty mentor – Dr. Scott Marshall

11:00 Randall Karcher: Detection and Characterization of Coal Ash Released into Reservoirs in North Carolina Using Magnetic Analysis. Faculty mentor – Dr. Ellen Cowan
11:20 Jillyan Baskin: Vorticity of the Toxaway Dome in the Eastern Blue Ridge. Faculty mentors – Dr. Gabriele Casale and Dr. Jamie Levine
11:40 Jessie Wilson: Variability of Coal Ash Morphology in North Carolina Reservoir Sediment as a Function of Time and Transport Distance. Faculty mentor – Dr. Ellen Cowan

December 3, 2021

12:00 Cole Blackman, A story of sands "rooted" in time
12:30 Logan Little, Principal Component Analysis of Marine Sediments Across the End Devonian Mass Extinction

April 29, 2021

Morning Session
09:00 Bri Hibner, Was Anoxia the Main Driver of the Late Devonian Mass Extinction? New insights using paired stable carbon and sulfur isotopes.
09:30 Caroline Moore, Hydrologic buffers on soil temperature heterogeneity in a mountain fen
10:00 Callia Cortese, Constraints on the Emplacement Conditions of the Blue Ridge Thrust Sheet: Deformation Temperatures from the Catface and Iron Mountain faults, TN-VA
10:30 Scarlett Hunt, The Pliocene History of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at IODP Site U1532
11:00 Jayson Sellars, Models of Long-term and Interseismic Deformation in the Imperial Valley, California

Afternoon Session
13:00 Nick Fiori, The impact of sea-level rise on saltwater intrusion for coastal aquifers of North Carolina
13:30 DruAnn Harris, Cenozoic Unroofing Sand Springs Block, Churchill County, Nevada
14:00 Ciara Sailar, The history of the Triceratops specimen at Appalachian State University - a study of the skeleton of a Cretaceous dinosaur, including histologic analysis
14:30 Katie Duckett, Late Devonian rocks from a new site: the Bayankhoshuu Ruins of Southwestern Mongolia

December 2, 2020

14:00 Anton Hengst, Sub-Annual to Annual Dynamics of Alaskan Ice-Marginal Lakes from Automated Image Classification Using Google Earth Engine

April 30, 2020

Morning Session
09:00 Mathias Eads, Breaking the mold: Evaluating the resource efficiency of physical and digital fossil replication methods
09:30 John Economou, Extracting a signal from obscure deformation data
10:00 Ginny Brown, Can EBSD be used to determine the formation mechanism of replacement dolomite?
10:30 Hannah Field, Climatic, glaciologic, and geomorphic controls on northwestern North America proglacial lake area change between 1984 – 2018

Afternoon Session
13:30 Carly Maas, On the use of intentional wetlands to mitigate road-salt contamination in urban streams
14:00 Allison Dombrowski, Expressions of Late Devonian bioevents in the CAOB - new data from the Samnuuruul Formation, southwestern Mongolia
14:30 Emma Myrick, Multi-scale analyses of eolian influence on buried cultural horizons in the Sandhills, North Carolina
15:00 Delaney Ryan, Establishment and application of new quantitative methods for analyzing Rhynchonelliformea: An exploratory study of the morphology of Cincinnatian Brachiopoda during the Richmondian Invasion