Indoor Exhibits

The Geology Teaching Museum

museum_0.jpgHundreds of rock, mineral and fossil samples are housed in the 1,200 square feet of museum space. Marvel at the Triceratops bones, touch one of the oldest rocks on the planet or be swept away by the amazing James E. Wilson collection of minerals from around the world. There are additional display cases in the atrium (check out the Hadrosaur femur display right outside the museum door) and downstairs in Rankin Science West.


The Rankin Rock Wall

brian_rock_wall.jpgThe Rankin Rock Wall includes 103 specimens documenting the geologic history of the Appalachian region, including examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks as well as diverse geologic structures. The specimens are framed by “Elk Stone”, part of the Cranberry Formation, one of the oldest rocks in North Carolina. The wall is on the Ground Floor of Rankin Science West, right outside the main office of the Department of Geology.


The G.E.M.S. Vulcan Exhibit

gems_exhibit_0.jpgOne of our newest exhibit is the "GEMS - Geology, Economics, Mining, and Society" display- an initiative funded by Vulcan Materials Corporation to explore modern society's reliance on earth materials. It features mined mineral samples from around North Carolina and discusses their uses in everyday life.