Minor in Geology

Courses for Minors

Geology minors typically take the following courses:

  • One (1) course in Introductory Geology (GLY 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, or 1105)
  • Evolution of the Earth (GES 2250)

with 6 semester hours at or above the 2000 level (excluding GLY 3520), and 3 semester hours at any level.  A minimum of 9 hours must be ‘in residence,” i.e. courses taken through ASU (can include study abroad, ASU online courses, etc.).

Courses typically open to minors include:

  • Dinosaurs then and now (GES 1842)
  • Energy Extraction in Appalachia: Past, Present, Future (GES 2301)
  • Geomorphology (GES 3333)
  • Geoarchaeology (GES 3680)
  • Issues in Environmental Geology (GES 3703)
  • Introduction to Geophysics (GES /PHY 3160)
  • Principles of Paleontology (GES  3025)
  • Environmental Regulation and Enforcement (GES  3110)

Although GES 2750, 2751, and 2752 are technically  open to minors, they require permission to enroll due to heavy demand by our majors. Please do not email individual instructors requesting permission to enroll in these courses if you are a geology minor; contact the department chair instead.

We do not have a minor in Environmental Sciences at this time.

Forms and useful information for minors: