GES Code of Conduct, Student Resources, and Student Expectations

The Appalachian State University (ASU) Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences (GES) will not tolerate overt racism, microaggressions, bias, abuse, violence, sexual predation, discrimination, and other forms of harassment between students and/or between students and faculty/staff both on campus and in the field.

GES Code of Conduct and Student Expectations

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Reporting Options (for students experiencing harassment, mental health crises, and other concerns)

 We acknowledge that harassment, racism and bias incidents, and mental health issues can be difficult to talk about when they occur and that Appalachian State University does not have clear avenues to report or handle these incidents. As we strive to provide a safe and trustworthy environment in the GES Department, we encourage students to report direct and bystander incidents to faculty members with the understanding that faculty members are not always able to remain confidential, and if you share certain information with faculty members, they may be required by law to report it to the appropriate office (Student Affairs, Human Resources, or Academic Affairs) for an official investigation. The GES Reporting Options document provides a roadmap for both official and unofficial reporting, and provides a list of resources to best fit needs of the situation.

Academic Integrity

Student Resources