Geology (BS) - Quantitative Geoscience 259E

The BS Geology, Quantitative Geoscience concentration is for students who are interested in the mathematical side of geology. The added mathematical and technical background will provide graduates with the technical skills that they need to succeed at the graduate level, especially for those interested in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, structural geology, engineering geology, environmental geology and geophysics.



Students in the B.S. in Quantitative Geoscience degree program must take Hydrogeology, Geophysics, and Advanced Environmental and Engineering Geology in addition to the core geology courses. This degree track also requires an extra two semesters of math beyond Calculus II. Choices include Linear Algebra or Differential Equations in addition to the required Calculus III. Students in this program are also required to complete an approved geology summer field course that carries at least 6 semester hours of credit.