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Archie Games and Resources

  • img_7937.jpgArchie Memory Game (by Ashley) - This is not your average Memory game! Rather than match two pictures to earn a pair, you need to match a question about Archie's life and discovery, with the appropriate answer to earn the pair. 

  • Dino-Mite Coprolite Toss (by Uli and Landon)- Answer questions about Archie for your chance to pop balloons in this coprolite toss. The more questions you answer correctly, the more coprolite bean bags you get, the higher the chance you'll get of popping a balloon. The player with the most balloons popped wins. 

  • Tales and Tails (by Nik and Syd)- In this game, four players go head to head in an intense Archie challenge. The questions players have to answer get harder as the game progresses. 

  • Go Archie! (by Alexandra)- A twist on Go Fish! 

  • Fix Archie! (by Todd)

  • Archie Myth or Fact? (by Madilyn and Amber)

  • Minecraft FossilFinder (by Alec)