aGES Awards

Geology and Environmental Science Academic Achievement Awards

These awards are given to the graduating GLY (non-teaching GLY degree track) and ENV seniors who have (1) completed at least 40 hours of science and mathematics courses, (2) taken a load of at least 12 hours in each semester in which science or mathematics courses were completed, and (3) earned the highest GPA amongst their peers in science and mathematics courses. The awardees will receive an engraved memento.

Geology and Environmental Science Distinguished Seniors Award

This award is given to the GLY and ENV seniors who have distinguished themselves through academic achievement, service to student colleagues and the department or other meritorious activities. To be eligible, students must have a GES GPA greater than 3.0. This non-cash award varies year-to-year.

Geological and Environmental Sciences Transfer Student Award

The GES Transfer Student Awards recognize and reward the successful transition of outstanding geology and environmental science transfer students to Appalachian State University.  This award goes to GES majors who have transferred 28 student credit hours or more to Appalachian from other colleges or universities, not including AP credits. Awardees must have a minimum of 14 credit hours completed at App State and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for courses completed at Appalachian. Awardees each receive $250.

Mineralogy Award

This award is determined on the basis of the awardee’s performance in GES 3220 – Fundamentals of Mineralogy and/or GES 3715 – Petrology and Petrography. The student must be participating in research related to mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology or a related field. The awardee receives an Estwing rock hammer.

Outstanding Field Geology Student Award

This award goes to a geology student with a geology GPA of greater than 2.70. Performance in field work in GES 2751 – Geology Field Methods, GES 3150 – Principles of Structural Geology and Tectonics and GES 3800 – Introduction to Stratigraphy and Sedimentology are major criteria on which this award is based. The awardee receives an engraved memento.

Outstanding Junior Environmental Science Student Award

This award is meant for an environmental science major who shows promise of being an outstanding senior. An overall GPA greater than 3.0, and performance in GES 2752 and research with a faculty mentor will be the main criteria on which this award is based. The awardee receives an engraved memento.

Outstanding Leadership Award in Environmental Science

This award recognizes students with the highest potential for successful leadership in an academic or professional career. Winners hold leadership position(s) in academic, intramural, outreach with GES, and/or extramural organization(s). They also serve as examples of a strong scholarly ethic with the demonstrated ability to lift a group of peers to a higher level. The awardee receives an engraved memento.

Outstanding Senior in Geology and Environmental Science Awards

This award recognizes a GLY and ENV student with strong academic performance (GPA greater than 3.0) and participated in extracurricular activities, such as: research, attending professional meetings or field trips, performing service to the profession, internships, work abroad, outreach, and/or other forms of engagement or leadership. Those eligible for the award must have graduated in the December prior to the Spring banquet, or will graduate in May or August following the banquet. Award winners have their names placed on a granite plaque on the wall outside the McKinney Museum. The awardees will receive a piece of equipment to help them in their career and an engraved memento.

Outstanding Senior Geology Teaching Award 

The criteria for this award include major GPA, enthusiasm, performance as a student teacher, and promise as a professional. The award pays for up to $250 toward classroom supplies for the aspiring earth science teacher.

Promising New Major Award for Geology and Environmental Science Majors

This award goes to new GES majors who have completed GES 2250 – Evolution of the Earth and who show promise of being a successful GES major. This award is based on students having an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater, performance in their introductory geology/ environmental science course, GES 2250, and other science courses. This non-cash award varies year-to-year.

Quantitative Geoscience Major Award

This award goes to a student with a geology GPA greater than 3.0. Performance in GES 3160 – Introduction to Geophysics, GES 3455 – Quantitative Data Analysis for Earth and Environmental Scientists, GES 4630 – Hydrogeology and GES 4705 – Advanced Environmental and Engineering Geology and other quantitative science courses, including independent research, will be the criteria on which this award is based. The awardee receives a student edition of MATLAB.

Roy Sidle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Science Research

This award recognizes a senior Environmental Science major who has a GPA greater than 3.0 and has demonstrated exceptional achievement in student research through active, positive, and sustained membership in a research team or teams at Appalachian or elsewhere (e.g., REU, International, etc.). This is purely an academic achievement award and is weighted to the student’s potential for productive and valued research at the graduate level and beyond. The awardee receives an engraved memento.