Information for Transfer and Early College High School Students

More than 40% of Appalachian's incoming students are transfer students.  

  • Students with their Associates Degree completed at the time of entrance are not required to take General Education classes.  This can be challenging for transfer students in the Geological and Environmental Sciences, who find themselves with a concentration of upper level lab classes that they must take all at the same time.
  • Although it may seem like a good idea to enter Appalachian's Geological and Environmental Sciences program with a completed Associates degree, there can be prerequisites and scheduling issues that makes a timely graduation for transfer students who already have an Associates degree unlikely.  Instead of juggling four lab classes per semester, we recommend transferring to Appalachian earlier in your academic career so your schedule has more flexibility. 
  • If you are currently at another school but are planning to transfer to Appalachian to major in Geology or Environmental Science, we strongly recommend taking the equivalents of CHE 1101 and 1102, MAT 1101 and 1102, and if possible, PHY 1150 and 1151 prior to transferring.  This will allow you to take a variety of upper level courses in the GES department upon arrival, and will keep you on track to graduate in a more timely manner.

Useful links for transfer students:


Potential transfer students should contact Dr. Steve Hageman (our department's Transfer Student faculty mentor) with questions.