HAZWOPER training

On our job advice page, many of our alumni suggest getting the 40-hour HAZWOPER training.

Here is what you need to know about HAZWOPER training:

  1. When you look for 40-hour HAZWOPER training, you will want to do the in-person training.  It is considerably more expensive, but the online training might not be accepted as appropriate training by all companies, and you will have wasted around $250 for a useless certification.  In-person training may cost up to $850, but it will be accepted as proper training by all jobs that suggest having the HAZWOPER 40-hour.
  2. Not all companies require the 40 hour HAZWOPER training before you apply; many will cover the cost for you once you are hired. Taking it on your own shows that you have the initiative (and funds) to do so and will look good on your job application, but it is NOT a requirement for entry level jobs!  If you can't afford it, do not panic!  
  3. It is supplied by independent contractors.  We therefore cannot offer it in the AGES program as part of our curriculum, due to cost and scheduling.
  4. The HAZWOPER 40 hour training is what you do first, and then each year you are required to take an 8 hour referesher course to remain certified.  Do not sign up for an 8 hour HAZWOPER course without having taken the 40 hour course!

Here is where you can do in-person HAZWOPER training in North Carolina:

For more information about HAZWOPER training, go to the US government OSHA website's HAZWOPER Frequently Asked Questions pageDo not go to OHSA.com, or oshaeducationcenter.com, or any other site trying to sell you online HAZWOPER certification.

If you are a current Appalachian State student with questions about HAZWOPER training, please talk to Dr. Sarah Carmichael.