Internships and Summer Employment

One of the best things you can do as a student is to find some sort of geology or environmentally-related internship during your summers as an undergraduate, particularly if you are not already doing research with a faculty member.  

Internship opportunities are numerous, but they will not fall into your lap!  Searching the web and emailing your resume to random companies is not a very effective way to get internships.  

The best way to make connections is in person, through word-of-mouth introductions from your faculty members, and through using your Appalachian Geology alumni networks.


#1 tip for finding internships

Lauri Miller will forward all internship and job opportunities we receive from our alumni network to every geology major.  Be sure to read your emails from Lauri!

In case you missed your emails from Lauri, we also post many of our internship leads from faculty and alumni on our Appalachian Geology Facebook Page.  This is a very active page, and many of our alumni are members.  

#2 tip for finding internships

Go to regional meetings that offer continuing education credits for licensure and professional development. You will meet industry contacts in person (this is vitally important) and will be able to get your resume into their hands in a more informal environment.  Meetings not to miss are the AEG Carolinas Section Fall Field Trip and the Carolinas SME trips.  Contact Crystal Wilson for more information about these trips.

#3 tip for finding internships

Join professional societies so you can search their job ads.  Many internship jobs are posted on society web pages and access is only available to members.  Professional societies have very cheap student rates, so it is worth joining!  

#4 tip for finding internships

A web-based search that's a bit more directed is better than simply googling "geology internships."  We have provided a list of some of the organizations that provide internships that are relevant for geologists, but be aware there are many that may not be listed.  


Clearing House Web Sites

  • National Science Foundation: REU
  • Geocorps: GSA
  • Student Conservation Agency: SCA
  • Environmental Protection Agency EPANNEMS
  • North Carolina State Agencies: YAIO
  • Department of Energy: SULI

Institution & Agency Web Sites

Other Internship Listings

  • Washington & Lee: WLU
  • International: GoAbroad
  • Opportunities in Alaska: JA